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About Us

Who? Why? How? - - Rent Toys Online

This venture was born out of the need to provide a variety of Toys for children helping them develop their skills and also help lean away from the laptops, iPads, TV, mobiles and more... that dominate their playtime nowadays. Our goal is to provide a variety of Toys for children, while keeping the process of renting very simple. The entire process can be done online / mobile browser or over the phone.

Happy Sun Kids

The Toys, which include some handpicked games & books in our library, are carefully selected after detailed review to be of good quality, safe and of developmental & recreational value. More than anything our experience with children has taught us a lot - what they like to play with and how a variety toys play a vital role in their development. We have a wide range of products across reputed & international brands for you to choose from.

The only tip that we have for parents is that to look at the Toys from the perspective of your kids. Every product has some learning to offer. Rotate the Toys at least once every month and also look at how each product can help them learn new skills.

This web site is in Beta mode, we are in the process out rolling out and testing new functionalities all the time. We strive to minimize any inconvenience to users, but if you come across any issues or bugs please do Contact Us.

Our Vision: Toys, Games & Books with Purpose and Value

Rentoplay is an initiative by parents who share a passion for providing a variety of Toys for kids whilst promoting learning and fun. Together, we envision a socially responsible company that works towards igniting imagination and curiosity in every child - to fuel a lifelong passion for learning.

We have the vision to re-define the way parents look at keeping their kids engaged in a meaningful / educative manner. Every Toy we carry is evaluated to nurture and promote physical, emotional, cognitive or linguistic development of your child.

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