Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings

Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings
Brand / Publisher: Dial
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Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings by Matthew Van Fleet

This charming introduction to colors, shapes, and animals has been delighting children all over the world for ten years! There is a surprise on every peek-a-boo page, where textured shapes magically turn into colorful creatures perfect for toddler's touching.

Patting the ducklings is only one of the highlights of Matthew Van Fleet's engaging, interactive fold-out book for very young children. Every page contains an animal surprise, from the fuzzy yellow ducklings to bumpy brown frogs, fuzzy gray koalas, and more. Children will enjoy touching the different textures and identifying shapes of the seven creatures that populate the book, but it's only when the fold-up page is fully extended that all is revealed - it's not a pink line at all, but a frog tongue!

At the close of the book, the animals come together in a wild revelry of shape and color. Every small child needs a beginning book like this, one where they can guess and guess again, delighting in the all the tactile wonders as well as increasing their skills in shape and color recognition.

Developmental Skills:

 - Cognitive
 - Sensory
 - Language

Recommended Age: 1 - 6 yrs.

Author Matthew Van Fleet
Publisher Dial (Penguin Group)
ISBN-13 9780803717596

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