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Sanitization and Safety

Cleaning and Sanitization Process

The first question that comes in to every parents mind is about the cleanliness and safety of Toys, and this is something not taken lightly by us. We take the health and safety of all children very seriously. So we've developed a robust cleaning process which our Toys go through.

Every Toy is cleaned using a non-toxic, natural cleaning agent which is anti-bacterial. It is highly effective and a natural 100% biodegradable cleaner, leaving no toxic chemicals behind. And this is done after every rental. Kids tend to put toys in their mouths all the time, this cleaning process ensures there are no residues left thus making it 100% safe for children.

After this, the toy is steamed to ensure complete cleaning and protection against 99.9% germs. This again ensures no usage of chemicals, making the toy safe and clean for kids.

100% Natural and Biodegradable

The final step is to shrink-wrap all the Toys to keep any outside elements from affecting it until children play with it.

All toys are handled by clean, gloved hands. Small spaces are also cleaned meticulously. The toys are cleaned and stored in a clean dust free environment.

Safety of Toys on Rent

The library carries all International and Indian brands that are known for their safety & quality. Every product added to the library is personally reviewed to be safe and of developmental and recreational value too.

Every Toys that we carry in our rental library is inspected to be safe and non hazardous. Any product that has smaller parts are clearly called out and categorized by age appropriately. We request you to go through the manuals / instructions sheets before use.

We also ensure that the Toys which have electronic parts are all safe for children. These are all personally tested one on one to be non hazardous.

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