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Why Rent?

Why should you Rent a Toy?

While there are a number of reasons as to why you should rent Toys, here are a few!

  • Want to provide a variety of Toys for your children?
  • Tired of toy clutter at home?
  • Are your kids getting bored fast?
  • Vary of running to a shop each time to buy a new toy? - Or No time to run to a shop to buy a new game or a book?

Welcome to - Parents, you can now keep your kids and their wallets happy buy just renting Toys including games and exclusive books that may only momentarily capture your kids interest and attention. We provide a large wide of Toys without the expense of buying lots of stuff. Kids can enjoy clean, fresh and exciting toys to play with each month. Just sit at home and choose from our variety of child development and fun toys as we also provide Free delivery, Cost effective and Flexible Membership plans.

Promote Learning & Discovery

Every toy we carry is evaluated to nurture and promote motor skillsl, emotional, cognitive or linguistic development of your child. Learn More about Developmental Skills and how important they are in your child's development. Our products will help your child gain proficiency and confidence in already learned skills, while encouraging them to explore and discover new dimensions and perspectives.

Enhanced Playtime

A two year old child has fifty percent more synapses in the brain than an adult and the brain activity peaks at age four. The array of extra synaptic pathways in a child's brain may either be used and reinforced, or may atrophy and disappear due to disuse. This is the right time to stimulate your child's mind!

Always Safe & Clean - No Chemical residues

When it comes to the safety of children, we take things very very seriously. Every Toy that passes through our doors are rigorously examined, cleaned and sanitized so we can be completely sure what we are sending you is safe, clean and in good condition. Read more about our Cleaning and Sanitization Process.

For our sanitization and cleaning process, we use only natural, safe, sustainable and renewable ingredients that are never ever tested on animals.

Door Delivery

We are committed to simplifying your life. All Toys arrive at your door. When your child has mastered these just inform us and we will pickup and deliver a new set. Delivery and pickup costs are all on us.

Save Money. Save Space. Rent Now!

Doesn't it feel odd to surround your child with so many disposable toys? Toys that your kids will lose interest in and outgrow faster than you'd thought possible. Let us help you de-clutter and keep your child engaged at every stage of their development.

Go Green

  • The less you purchase new, the less of an impact you have on the environment
  • You are conserving resources and creating less trash
  • It's like recycling toys, you know. We are pulling out a lot of plastic out of the environment by renting out toys

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  • Get an additional 5-10% discount on the monthly rental fee when you sign up and get your first delivery
  • Hear about our latest offers and new Toys added to our collection
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